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Fall 2010


We had so much fun this fall! Jace is doing well in Preschool.  I can’t believe how big he is already!  Jace enjoyed going to the Lark Ranch, like we have for the last few years. We went to the Louisville Science and it was so much fun!  Jace learned what happens when you put a magnet on your tv screen, then he had to try it out at home! Good thing it didn’t hurt the tv!
Jace helped make daddy’s Spongebob birthday cake.  He was so excited.  His new baby cousin Aliena was born in September.
For Halloween he picked out a super cute skeleton costume.  And for All Saints day at Sunday school he dressed as Archangel St. Micheal.

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Summer 2010


Wow!  What a great summer!  We stayed really busy through July and August.  Jace loves playing in the back yard, just digging in the dirt is one of his favorite things.  Jace loved that daddy went to the County Museum with him.  Jace could go every day if I let him!  He loves that place.

We worked on our garden this summer and had a lot of chili peppers and tomatoes.  We also helped papaw in his garden.  Papaw had a giant tomato growing so Jace used it for the Green Thumb contest for the biggest tomato.  And he won.  They said his was the biggest by far.  He loved that he won a giant lollipop.

In August Jace and I took a mini trip with Mamaw and Papaw to Indy.  We stayed in a hotel over night and visited the Children’s Museum to see the Rock Star’s Cars and Guitars display.  Jace loved it.  We visited the display twice before we left!

Then at the end of the summer preschool started.  Jace was so excited and scared all at once.  But I think mommy took it harder then he did.  He was ready to go when the time came.  I think I was 15 mins early to pick him up!

Jace’s best buddy’s birthday is in August, so he got to go to his first friends party.  The theme was ‘Knights’.  Jace had so much fun at the party.

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June 2010


We had so much fun keeping busy this past month!  Jace has really started to like to help me make snacks.  I let him basically make rice krispie treats on his own, with me standing close by.  He was so proud of what he made!

Oh course we had to visit Holiday world.  This year he wasn’t sure what to tell Santa he wanted yet for Christmas.  Hey Christmas is 7 months away yet!  He loved driving the bumper cars this year.

Here’s momma’s silly boy!

Once again Jace enjoyed building with Papaw at Home Depot kid’s Workshop.

He’s getting so big!

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Louisville Zoo June 2010


One of our favorite places to visit during the summer is the Louisville Zoo. There’s so much fun stuff to do there!  Jace loves that there’s a splash park there to cool off at after a long day at the park!  I personally love feeding the giraffes and Lorikeets.  But I think we both really like watching the Gorillas.  This year they had a Dinosaur exhibit, which was really cool because they were animated.  Jace was a little scared at first because they did almost look real!

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