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Spring Break 2010


Over Spring Break we spent some time with Spencer and Mamaw.  On Monday we went bowl.  Our Cousin Tyler came with us.

Jace had so much fun!  He loved it so much.  He scored pretty good for his first time. He scored a 57 and 55.  On Tuesday morning he asked if we were going again!

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Spring Cupcakes


Today Jace and I made Cupcakes.  Jace loves it when he gets to do things all by himself, with out momma helping.  So he had a blast doing this.

Adding the Water

First you add the water

Then you mix

Make sure to taste it to make sure it’s good

Add the sprinkles to the batter

Stir with spoon

Then you have to taste it again to make sure it’s still good

Fill the cupcake holders

After they cool  put icing on them

And sprinkles on top

Here’s Jace’s 4 cupcakes – it’s more important to get the icing in your belly then on the cupcakes


And the enjoy!

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Guitar Restoration


I told daddy I wanted to redo my guitar since it was starting to look really bad. Daddy asked what colors I wanted my guitar to be and I told him Red and Black. When daddy was off on Tuesday we went to get some supplies.

Black Paint – Check
Red Paint – Check
Sand Paper – Check
Putty – Check
Putty Knife – Check

So here is the photo of my guitar before we did anything:

Daddy and I sanded the guitar so we could fix all of the dents I made going crazy rocking the guitar everyday since I got it.

So daddy kept working on it and now it is ready to paint.

Daddy painted the neck of the guitar black and then he painted the guitar red. Tonight we took all of the tape off of it and put the tuner keys back on it and restrung it. Man it looks so cool and I am rockin’ on my RED guitar now. This was a great daddy and son project if you ask me.

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Feb. 2010


Jace had so much fun this month. We went to see Disney Live, Blues Clues live and went to his first Skate Birthday Party.

He loved Roller Skating! At first he wanted to hold my hand all the time. And I thought for sure I was going to be so sore the next day from holding him up. But then he got the hang of it. It was more of a walk then a roll, but hey he was doing it on his own! Then he started to get in the the music and dancing to the beat! It was so cute!

Disney Live was great because the theme was music, so Jace really liked that.

Blues Clues was fun too! He wasn’t sure what to think at first with Blues Clues. He looked at me and said “Their people?” meaning that they were all actors dressed up like Blues Clues!

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