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Christmas 2010


I can’t believe how fast another Holiday season came up.  Jace is doing great in Preschool.  Dave and I thought of a great way to teach Jace to spell our last name.  Since he loves to play on the computer we changed his log-in password to “Gramelspacher”.  I wrote out Gramelspacher on a peice of paper and taped it to the wall right next to the laptop, so every day he’s having to spell it out.  It didn’t take him long before I heard him spelling it out on his own.

Jace helped papaw and me pull the Loofah sponges that we grow.  We had so many of them.  The easy part is growing and picking them.  The hard part is what comes after that, when you have to clean the skin off the sponges.  But it’s really neat how you end up with your own home grown Loofah sponges.

Jace is enjoying his new baby cousin, Alaina.  He’s so cute with her.  He likes helping feed her, her bottle. This year for Jace’s Yearly Christmas ornament, Jace picked a Chevy Pickup Truck.  Fred the Elf on the Shelf also made his way back to us from the North Pole to visit for the Holiday Season.

Jace and I took our annual trip to the town of Santa Claus to mail our Christmas cards with a hand stamped Christmas post mark.  We also visited the Candy Castle where Jace loves to help make “snow” and play with it.  He has so much fun there.

At church this year Jace played Joseph for the Christmas program.  He was so cute standing up there with a little Mary next to him.

We had a great Christmas this year. We rode on the Polar Express with Mamaw, Papaw Aunt Annette and cousin Spencer.  It was a lot of fun and we loved watching the “Elves” dance around.   Jace got what he really wanted from Santa, which was a Bass guitar.  Him and Daddy had a blast jamming together!

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